Our Brands




Clinic International, designed to unite a sense of brand and capacity of the doctor of each project


An international centre of excellence, unique and singular, designed for training, research and clinical care of high quality in different specialties of dentistry


International Dental Centers are the result of an innovative idea to unite in a single center, the three pillars on which rest the progress of Orthodontics, Paediatric Dentistry and Dentofacial Orthopedics : high-quality continuing education with direct clinical coordination on the patient, with a novel educational infrastructure based on the latest 3D technology, computer aided design, virtual reality, and that circle of excellence is closed with a decided vocation for research. We run and are part of this project a group of experienced teachers and clinicians who know how to teach didactics Orthodontics, clearly and simply and are attached to clinical practices






International Clinic is a model for dentists who want to offer their knowledge to others. They want to do the training of other professionals as part of their daily work


Training clinics require patients to show what you have to do to others









Training Dentist in New Technologies


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