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unidentalThe Brand offering comprehensive dentistry at affordable prices


Our aim is to offer top quality dental care at average prices to every individual. This model of clinic offers the patient high quality dentistry at affordable prices. Its success is based on making access to comprehensive dentistry to the general public easy.

180 clinics in Spain and 115 Franchises


Unidental Model and organisation:

 - Clinic with 3 Surgeries

 - Provide all the treatments and specialities

 - Latest dental benefits

 - Average cost of treatments

 - Funding of treatments


This model of clinic is designed for those professionals who wish to have a productive system and easy management with excellent results and with a long term projection.


3d Digital Technology:

 - Diagnostic Equipment and Software

 - X Rays and 3D Scans

 - Optical Scanners

 - Diagnostic and Treatment Planning Software and Training


Strong  consolidated commercial strategy, enhanced with marketing actions

 - Acive marketing to potential patients with clear and direct messages.




More than 14 years with Unidental


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