• Basic Digital Implants (SmyOne I)
  • Complex Digital Implants (SmyOne II)

The courses are for both diagnosis and virtual surgery
Focusing on the design and planning of the digital prosthesis, using templates and surgical protocols for restoration. The course begins with the basic model, addressing pathologies from single implants to full arch implants for prostheses and fixed, until you reach in the advanced stage the planning of surgery for post extraction and expansion.

  • Computer Guided Implantology (SmyOne III)

This is a course of surgery to teach in a practical way the perfect placement of implants. If the end objective is the satisfaction of the patient, implant surgery requires a fully restorative approach. The advances in technology and information help us to achieve the surgical goal of 'rehabilitating the mouth' from the aesthetic function.


  • Digital Implant Prosthesis (SmyDesign I)
  • Immediate Digital Implants (SmyDesign II)
  • Machined Digital Implants (SmyDesign III)

The objective of the course is planning clinical cases of prostheses using CAD-CAM digital tools. Apply the prosthetic restorations using intraoral scanner, design software handling digital files for the subsequent manufacture of machined structures and therapeutic and definitive prosthesis. Understand the application of the different materials, digital design of additions and prostheses for prosthetic restorations to address the day of the surgery.

  • Aesthetic Dentistry (SmyDesign IIII)

The continued advancement of concepts, materials and the technology in the field of dentistry has indicated to us that there is a growing demand for training, specifically in the area of cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry today is synonymous with quality dentistry. This is why we have designed a theoretical/practical course of dental aesthetics for dentists that want to improve their capacity in the fields described in the program.

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Dentistry (Smylife I)

The objective of the course:
Review the dental diagnosis procedures with special emphasis on medical and oral surgery. Guideline line based on the diagnostic imaging:
The three-dimensional information offers a wide range of improvements for both diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Radiological techniques will be addressed, and there will be standardised protocols of diagnostics and implementation of new technology in the clinical practice diary.

  • Basic Invisible Digital Orthodontics

It is a continuing education course and seminars based on dentofacial orthopaedics. Practical, diagnostic, biomechanics clinical sessions, and clinical practice with patients. This is a course that covers the basics of the diagnosis and treatment of different malocclusions with removable appliances and functional fixed appliances, and straight arch techniques.

  • Complex Invisible Digital Orthodontics

This is an advanced and continuous training course on dentofacial orthopaedics. Based on seminars and working at clinics and clinics with patients. It is for orthodontists, or clinics that specialise in orthodontics or dentofacial orthopaedics that wish to continue their training in specific aspects of this specialty. This course helps to update the knowledge and skills of the concepts, technologies and techniques in this specialised field.



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