Member of the Dentalliance

For those dentists who want to buy the products and use the Dentalliance high technology and software. All members are trained and certified in the use of our techniques and products.
It is being able to belong to a select group of dentists that links them through the use of exclusive dental products and the technology that supports them.

The Dentalliance Network is a group that is linked through:

  • Supply System
  • Special Rates in all products
  • Exclusive Dentalliance products in exchange for total shopping obligation
  • Promotion system

Dentalliance Association

  • Approval in the 3D Dentalliance software system (SmyOne, SmySecret, SmyDesign)
  • Identification ability
  • Be on the Dentalliance website
  • Access to common advertising
  • Point of sale creative marketing
  • Advertising of the products

The benefits of Dentalliance membership

  • 25% savings on purchases
  • The cost of membership is £15,000 & £1,000 per month plus VAT



Terms and Conditions

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