Partner of the Dentalliance Network

'Partner’ of Smylife Dentalliance Association

Dental professionals who are integrated and associated with a network whose success is demonstrated under the brand SMYLIFE, UNIDENTAL OR INTERNATIONAL/IDEC

a.    Brand image
b.    Advertising media of mass communication

Partners are elected by a committee of experts

The linking partner to the group is performed through:

  • System of supply
  • Special tariff
  • Certain exclusive products
  • Promotion system by quantity

Dentalliance Association

  • Approval in the 3D Dentalliance software system (SmyOne, SmySecret, SmyDesign), licence to utilise the brands.
  • Capacity utilisation of the mark, creative point of sale marketing.
  • Use of the working systems of the brand.
  • Capacity to have their own website, linked to the Dentalliance Network website
  • Common advertising, which is shared between all the tenants of the brand
  • Assistance to course-congress and annual update of marketing and dental clinic management
  • Patient finance and loyalty system

Dentalliance has a small group of own clinics, organised in areas specifically identified to launch the brand and the system. This demonstrates proof of concept and that our system works to provide Partners a profitable business.



Terms and Conditions

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