What is Smysecret?



Smysecret is a solution for orthodontics that combines various invisible treatment techniques to achieve a more satisfactory result

It is a system of orthodontics

 For the patient

● A quick solution

● Hardly noticeable

● Can be removed when needed

● Less dental visits

● Cost less than you may think



 For the dentist

An efficient solution


● Very happy patients


● Aligned with the clinical area


● Help you to differentiate





Alieadores Smysecret

For the patient:

Invisible in all its variations

Removable, can be removed for eating, brushing teeth or aesthetics

Minimum clinic visits, activations may be done by the patient at home

Fast, because for more complex movements has bioactive aligners

For the dentist:

Backed by special orthodontists and the IOC (led by Dr David Suarez Quintanilla)

Using the best specialised equipment to diagnose cases (diagnosis, assistance or full)

Highest level of satisfaction

Can treat more cases because of bioactive aligners

Made with latest CAD / CAM technology in diagnosing, treatment and manufacturing


Invisable Orthodontics



Terms and Conditions

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