What is SmyOne?

It is a system of immediate digital implants, fixed through guided surgery and technology applied informatics

Objective: Achieve a more aesthetically pleasing and functional prosthesis through perfect placement. It is a protocol of work based on digital technology which allows you to substantially improve the results of the prosthetic implants


This protocol covers four phases:


CT AND DIGITAL SCANNING APPLIANCE: It is only necessary to perform a CT scan before so that experts can begin work on the study and planning of future implants

PLANNING: With the information 3D technology gives it is easier for dentists to determine with absolute precision and assurance all the necessary values needed​for implant


SURGERY: Once the information is compiled and analysed our dental experts perform a virtual surgery to determine the placement of future implants. A guide is produced that will make placing the implants easier and more accurate


PROSTHESIS: The prosthesis is placed immediately on the day of surgery. Using exclusive hardware systems and special resins designed for this purpose which makes it easier to handle on the day of surgery




What is SmyOne?



Terms and Conditions

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