Training dentists in new technologies



Our system of high-tech training provides the ultimate in professional courses to keep you at the forefront of dental practice. Based on digital technology applied to dentistry as a differentiator and moderniser


Always focused on the professional to implement new techniques that provide more quality treatments for patients, more satisfaction and greater profitability to your practice


Basic digital Implantology (SmyOne I)


Complex Digital Implantology (SmyOne II)


Computer Guided Implantology (SmyOne III)


 Digital prosthesis on implants (SmyDesign I)


instant digital prosthesis on implants (SmyDesign II)


Digital prosthesis implant machined (SmyDesign III)


Aesthetic Dentistry (SmyDesign IIII)


Comprehensive Diagnosis in Dentistry (Smylife I)


Basic digital Invisible Orthodontics (SmySecret I)


Complex digital Invisible Orthodontics (SmySecret II)


Always with limited number of participants, ensuring training is customised and always results oriented


Working with real patients from the first day, providing ongoing support, advice and monitoring by the best professionals



Dental training centres



Terms and Conditions

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